calling all elder buck fans

calling all elder buck fans
Chance will be Landing in Moses Lake on January 5th 2010 @ 10:38pm* sharp. Be there or be square! He will also be reporting his mission aka "homecoming" the following Sunday on the 10th of January in Warden @ 9:30.

Monday, June 16, 2008

April 7, 2008

LOL i love saying Como Estar to like members and stuff and they correct me its pretty funny but anyway everything is going pretty good i already got the mail for this week early this morning it was nice but it sounds like there is more coming but i remind you i only get mail every Monday but anyway The work is going we have met some cool people that we are excited about but Gustabo still is not sure and we had a time that we could go get the license but she had to work and ya ya ya Satan is real!!!! we are praying for this week baptism or bust Pres. Packer is amazing too!!!! he said if they arnt going to do it this week call me and ill go get it for them lol hes awesome but yeah The Book of Mormon is awesome if you are having trouble reading it everyday or just focusing at all here is something we do and at first i was like this is stupid i have my own way of doing it but Pres. Said to do it and now i love it take a orange, blue, green, yellow colored pencil it doesn’t really matter what colors you use but this is what you do as you read mark scriptures words what every that refer to - the words of Christ or God - Christ attributes - doctrine or principles of the gospel - reference to Christ so if you dont understand ask ill try to help but its in PMG i believe yeah but anyway Kylee whats your email? Ash im not supposed to go on other web sites so i cant go to your blog but ill ask pres. next time i see him k It sounds like maddax is doing awesome thats good oh something funny happened lol I GOT BIT BY THE DUCK well he bit my shoe but it was pretty funny its a protective duck lol im sorry im so random but i think about so many different things all the time but i just want to tell you how grateful I am for my many blessing in this life especially for you my family and the way i was brought up with the roof over my head we actually met a guy on the street and he wanted us to talk with him and his friend so we walked with him to what i thought was going to be his house as we got near he stopped at a van and knocked on the door and called for his friend it was a really humbling experience his friend came out and we ventured past some houses in the back wear there he lived in a shed only a little building with only ply wood for walls and no electricity or running water HOW LUCKY WE ARE! im running out time but i just want to let you know again how grateful for all of you, I love you all ill talk to ya next week my letters will be in the mail tomorrow and headed your way k lol well for some of you :) for everyone else i hope this is sufficient oh wait a secondConference was amazing!the new apostle actually talked to us in the mtc so that was cool and alot of the 70 that spoke we saw in the mtc and we saw a teacher in my zone at the mtc in the byu choir in the second session Saturday night so that was cool my and elder hull still cant remember his name though but all the talks were really good and Pres. Monson’s talk in the last session was hilarious i hope yall got to see it and if you didnt go on line and watch it and the one he gave in priesthood session was hilarious to i hope seth, dad, jer you guys got to see it k its past time ill talk to ya later hope i didnt forget anything probably did though - LOVE YOU

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