calling all elder buck fans

calling all elder buck fans
Chance will be Landing in Moses Lake on January 5th 2010 @ 10:38pm* sharp. Be there or be square! He will also be reporting his mission aka "homecoming" the following Sunday on the 10th of January in Warden @ 9:30.

Monday, June 16, 2008

April 14, 2008

K we have to go give a blessing so i have to make this fast sorry im actually going to anoint in Spanish so we will see how that goes but anyway this week has been pretty good yester day today transfers dont think im moving so im still here in National city well thats my area we live just a few blocks in San Diego but our area yeah National city we can see down town and everything but any who Gustabo and Veronica well we got the marriage license so thats the first step we tried to get them married and baptized this weekend but it didnt happen Gustabo is a member but really is the one who needs the converting he was baptized young but lost contact with the church but this week for sure ME and Elder Hull went on splits the other morning it was pretty fun to greenies trying to convert people it was awesome we had a luch appointment with a member and she fed us tacos de lengua aka (cow tongue) we didnt know intell like 5 but it was way good i never knew a tongue could taste that good i have also eaten catus thats not that good its okay it kinda slimy so i didnt really like it and the shrimp cotail i had was the spicyest thing i have every eaten it was awww but i ate itAsh thanks for the pics of maddax i cant wait to meet him tell me how the new method of reading the BoM is going i just finished the Whole thing this Morning for the first time and i cant wait to start again it used to be really boring but now its not i dont know how that works but its awesome Sorry to ash i cant watch the movie thing too i only have limited time to just email and stuff i still need to talk to pres about going to your blog Well the weather the last few days have been really hot 99 i thing on saturday so yeah perfect weather san diego my but maybe on the beach in the shade lol but its all good Mom i think i got the package i think the other elder grabed it so ill check ill let you know next week or in my letter home i guess ill tell you so you know by friday so how is GOLF? haley you need to let me know! im glad you got to feed the missionary’s thats awesome :) i know when i get home im going to help them out as much as i can its an eye opener well i dont know what else to say i probly forgot alot but just know im doing good and I LOVE YOU ALL ill talk to ya next week Love your elder buck

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