calling all elder buck fans

calling all elder buck fans
Chance will be Landing in Moses Lake on January 5th 2010 @ 10:38pm* sharp. Be there or be square! He will also be reporting his mission aka "homecoming" the following Sunday on the 10th of January in Warden @ 9:30.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dub-State representing in So*Cal

Well where do i a father to another son except this one is a little bit bigger...A football player! Its actually Joey! the kid that commented on my blog awhile back....He played at Snow with Regan last year. Another surprise is, hes from Puyallup WA, his mom lives in Spokane and works for Gonzaga so thats cool...He was in the MTC with Dexter Allred from Royal and Ryan Colston from ML so yeah we have mostly been talking about football the past few days so that has been alot of fun. im caught up on the NFL Draft and who is playing where now, so thats cool.

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Chad and Jaycie Cole said...

Lookin good Chance! We sure miss ya around here, but so thankful for your example to our boys! Luvs, Chad and Jaycie