calling all elder buck fans

calling all elder buck fans
Chance will be Landing in Moses Lake on January 5th 2010 @ 10:38pm* sharp. Be there or be square! He will also be reporting his mission aka "homecoming" the following Sunday on the 10th of January in Warden @ 9:30.

Monday, July 21, 2008

"What happen's to us, happens for us."

Well alot of crazy things have happened here in this area of San Diego I have tons of story's but if I shared them now, We wouldnt have anything to talk about when I get home ( you have alot of good story's to look forward too ) And im sure there will be more.... Since elder pope left things have really changed... from going senior to district leader I know the lord is trying to teach me something and I know ill look back one day and figure out just what that was that he wanted me to learn.... "What happens to us, Happens for Us." Im not sure who said it but its so true it was actually quoted by Pres. Donaldson and some thing else he said that was awesome and totally true was " As long as we do what we are supposed to do in this life we will find our selves in good circumstances." "Miracles will happen." Everything is going fine I just hope Myself and Everyone who reads this can do the things we need to, to receive the blessings. I would like to also share my favorite scripture Alma 56:48 ( I do not doubt my mom knows it ) it says it alittle different in the scripture but thats the way i like to say it, you all know im a mammas boy and thats got me out here on a mission my Mothers faith and teachings and im still here cause well the Lord asked me to be. Elder Chance B. Buck
(just above)the new thumbs up is just a half a thumb if you didnt already know lol (upper left)just my p-day morning clothes, doing laundry,elder cronk liked it so i took a picture see if yall liked it to

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